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MINDSYS, established in 2021 from Easybusi and Comsys (Hellenic Business Registry Number 1599186010000), is a technology company targeting retail companies and technology product companies. It offers innovative software and equipment solutions that empower presentation and promotion of services and products in the physical store networks and electronic marketplaces.

The company is mainly operating in the sectors of retail, telephony, information technology, clothing, food & energy, in Greece and Cyprus.

Maintains exclusive cooperation with two of the leading companies in the fields of security solutions for products on display and customer counting systems, the American Invue and the British FootfallCam.

INVUE is a global technology company who provides the world’s most valuable brands with innovative merchandising, security. By integrating our hardware solutions, we seamlessly protect and promote our customers’ most valuable assets, leading to improved operations and an enhanced user experience.

FootfallCam Established in 2002, is a privately held company and leading global provider of people counting solutions.

  • People counting
  • Outside traffic
  • Dwell time
  • Returning customers
  • Cross shopping
  • Zone analytics
  • Cloud base or on-premise installation.
  • Full graphic environment
  • Analytics