From innovative dispensers to flexible locking hooks — our secure fixtures are designed to be easy to use and tough to defeat.

Flexible security for today’s premium accessories. 

  • Compatible with InVue’s exclusive OneKEY and part of the OneKEY ecosystem.
  • Engineered for associates to easily lock and unlock for quick planogram updates.
  • Flexible Locking Hook securely attaches to wall board.
  • StopLok provides the flexibility to protect all or a selection of merchandise on the hook.
  • Cost effective solution to protect high value accessories or other merchandise.
  • StopLok and Flexible Locking Hook provide a high-security solution when used together; StopLok can be purchased separately and used with existing hardware to enhance your current environment.

Hanging Merchandise




Protection for hanging merchandise.

Locking Hooks

The locking collar secures hook to provide a high level of security for hanging merchandise and premium accessories.

Shelf Tether

Secured by StopLok, Shelf Tether provides fast access to merchandise and superior protection. Cable recoils for easy interaction with merchandise.

Flexible Locking Hooks

Flexible Locking Hooks allow retailers to select the number of “live” and “locked” merchandise items on the hook.


StopLok is a cost-effective solution that can be used on standard hooks or with the InVue Locking Hook base.

New T1000

A simple push of a button dispenses one package at a time, and the five second time delay deters thieves.


A self-service hook that dispenses merchandise with a time delay. It is available in two sizes.