The Advanced Electronic Shelf Label System

Leading The Digital Revolution of New Retail Industry

The new generation of ESLs, applying the technology of ZKONG ESL Communication, Wi-Fi and IOT system, enable stores to achieve all digital functions without installing servers.


The ESL will automatically and regularly switch the page and display the promotion content to meet the needs of daily marketing activities, especially frequent price changes.

Install ZKONG large-size electronic shelf labels in shelves, central areas and entrances to ensure the coverage and exposure of brand advertising in shops.

The inventory data on the electronic shelf label screen will be updated simultaneously with the inventory system when the user’s management system is connected with the ZKONG cloud ESL system.

When the number of products on the shelf is lower than the set quantity, the LED lights on electronic shelf label will flash to inform the staff.

When consumers click the product on the app, the app will provide the best route from the consumer’s current location to the located product

The customers can enter the online store and comment on the app easily when they scan the QR code on the electronic shelf label or hold the smart phone close to the ESL

The LED on the ESL will flash to provide the product position and a product picking route for staffs.

When the number of products on the shelf is lower than the set quantity, the LED lights on electronic shelf label will flash to inform the staff.

The ZKONG ESL improve the overall visual impact of the store, which also enhance the brand image.

High costs

Manual replacement of paper labels Low efficiency and high overall cost


Complicated manual replacement is time-consuming and error-prone

Price difference

Numerous shops or information not synchronised between online and offline

Poor experience

Price difference in manual work leads to customer complaints


3rd generation ZKONG ESL Communication Protocol

  • Industry-leading transmission speed, with second-level refreshes
  • Exceptional interference immunity for complex deployment environments
  • Low power consumption, service life ≥ 10 years
  • Extremely secure and unbreakable, data security guaranteed

Top-class wireless technology

  • Open range up to 25-30m (radius)
  • Wi-Fi dual-band, supporting 2.4G and 5G
  • Wiring-free installation and deployment
  • Intelligent algorithmic roaming and equalisation

The most comprehensive coverage of scenarios

  • IP67 rated dust and water resistant, impact and drop resistant
  • -25℃~40℃ working environment, designed for low temperature fresh environment
  • 7.5mm slim and light
  • Customisable appearance to meet the individual needs of brands

Rich interaction interface

  • Support more than 256 flashing light methods, corresponding to different functions
  • NFC communication technology for online and offline integration
  • Based on 3rd generation ZKONG ESL Communication Protocol, ESLs can be maintained offline
  • Customized function for different demand

Fine management at SKU level

  • Individual positioning technology
  • Intelligent picking and shopping navigation in conjunction with shop layout maps
  • In-depth integration with AI cameras to enable full-field inventory
  • Combined with smart shelves for big data collection and consumer preference analysis

The Revolutionary Cloud Electronic Shelf Labels System

Renew Your Business Model with the Revolutionary Cloud Electronic Shelf Labels System

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Electronic Shelf Label


Electronic Shelf Label


Electronic Shelf Label


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