Security and merchandising solutions for products on display in retail. From protecting electronics to general merchandise, InVue offers a variety of display and security options to meet retail needs.

Easily modify configurations to
increase or decrease security to
suit environment demands.

Electronic sensors throughout
displays trigger audible signals
at any disconnection or
physical breach.

Designed to withstand
aggressive physical attacks
from hand-pulling to kicks
and tool strikes


Display Merchandise




Solutions for Merchandise on Display.

Phones & Tablets

Solutions for phones and tablets with a focus on design, scalable security, and software analytics to provide the best customer experience.

High Security

High security solutions for your highest value merchandise. Industry leading steel construction; Up to 400lbs of pull force protection.

Wireless Security

Solutions that let customers freely engage with devices without sacrificing security.

Cameras & Laptops

Protect cameras, lenses, and laptops with our merchandising and security solutions for cameras and laptops


InVue wearable solutions are designed to provide best-in-class security protection and an exceptional customer hands on experience.

Electronic Accessories


Storewide solution that economically protects hundreds of products on display. Options include alarm only and alarm and power.